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Seafood chowder-esque type thing in a Vienna loaf

seafood chowder in a cob
My brother is just about to head back to his humble grotto in Margaret River, Western Australia, after a mammoth stay of two months. That’s right, now I shall be in charge of my own mis en place again… and we will have to do our own washing… I’ll be sad to see him go, that’s for sure.

But before he makes like a tree and gets out of here we needed a little man time. You know, get a couple of lads together and find ourselves a little riverside cabin where we can eat, drink, fish, wear the same clothes and not make our beds each day if we did’t want to. Power to the man eh? That’s right, the new man power revolution begins with us and it begins right here, today, now! Viva la revolution. Viva le revolution! Also please note, the revolution will end at approximately noon on Wednesday when we shall be returning home, so our office/support group will not be taking any calls from that point onwards…

So I did find us a nice little riverside cabin in the sleepy seaside town of Brunswick Heads (known as Bruns to the indigenous community). It had enough beds to ensure that only two of us need sleep together (I won’t explain that one), a small kitchenette that would enable us to prepare food and stay nourished for the length of our stay and a shower, which apparently was not needed and took up valuable space that could have been used to position a cracking barbecue/smoker set up.

We caught some fish, a couple of which spent less than an hour out of the water before they went into this Creole-esque type seafood number. Kind of even a bit of a chowder… maybe. I really don’t know what to call this bad boy except damn tasty. It was taken to damn-tasty-town by the addition of some of my patented Big Red Rub, which travels with me everywhere like a faithful side kick, adding flavour boosts to food like this and generally making me look a lot better than I actually am. Which is not actually a very hard job so maybe I am giving it a little too much credit…

We did scour the shelves of the one little bakery in Bruns for the cob loaf that this chowder-y number was going to fill, but alas it seemed that there had been a run on cob loaves that morning and we had well and truly missed out… so a crusty, white, $3.10 vienna loaf was going to do the job for us today.

We were right about here

We were right about here

Hollow that bad boy out

Hollow that bad boy out

Clean prawns in the little kitchen

Clean prawns in the little kitchen

Cooking in whatever the little kitchen has on offer

Cooking in whatever the little kitchen has on offer

Eat. Just eat

Eat. Just eat

This was really effing tasty. The Big Red Rub makes me look like a champ once again

This was really effing tasty. The Big Red Rub makes me look like a champ once again


300g each bream and flathead, cut into large chunks (any fish you want to
eat will do the job here)
500g king prawns, peeled, deveined and cut in half
1 chorizo sausage, diced
1 onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon Big Red Rub
1 medium sweet potato, medium dice, steamed/boiled until just cooked
Kernels from 1 cob of corn
600ml cream
1 crusty Vienna or cob
A handful of grated cheese of some description
Chopped parsley
Pickled chilli to serve

• Cut the top off the crusty loaf and hollow it out a little. Tear up insides and top. Get that puppy extra crusty in the oven at 180C for 10 minutes
• Sauté chorizo, onion and garlic in a little oil until starting to brown
• Add big red rub, prawns, sweet potato and corn and cook out for 1 minute
• Add cream and simmer for a few minutes until slightly reduced
• Add fish and stir to combine. Don’t play with it too much now because you don’t want to break this fish up
• Simmer for another few minutes until the fish is cooked
• Season
• Pour into the crusty loaf, top with cheese and parsley and serve with extra crusty bread and pickled chillis on the side. Best consumed with a lot of beer
• This would also be really effing good on some rice or even pasta

Sunset on the river. Pretty

Sunset on the river. Pretty

19 comments on “Seafood chowder-esque type thing in a Vienna loaf

  1. Yum! This might be man food but I know a few ladies that would give this loaf a whirl, myself included. I don’t know what Big Red Rub is but it gee it sure sounds manly 😀

    1. Big Red Rub is my bbq dry rub. Works a treat on a heap of shit though. Click on the link in the recipe to find it 😁

      1. Latisha says:

        I agree with all of these, though I have MUCH less space to display things (a one bedroom flat) so I do tend to go with getting rid of stuff I do3n#&9;t wear so that someone else can. Except my mum's old clothes. I don't fit half of them, but I'm holding on to them anyway!

    2. Latisha says:

      [..] Francuccio Gesualdida qui …In America inneggiano alla spesa, al consumo, al sostegno della crescita, anche il GATTO e la VOLPE, Geithner e Summers, ci dicono che:Uauuuu coloro che hanno provocato questa crisi, oggi ci dicono che tutto cipa&m;ograve [..]

  2. cheergerm says:

    Love how you and your soux chef, sorry, cleaner, sorry…brother had some special bro/man time together. I also love the look of this chowder and your Big Man Red Rub (four words I never thought to string together.) Well cool that we had a bit of ‘seafood chowder love kismet’ this week! 😁

  3. Man Fuel says:

    Damn. I love almost all chowders and putting it in a bread bowl/loaf is always a good idea. Very nice.

  4. You’ve done it again. Your blog is turning into my “go to” for seafood recipes. This one is killer. I’m clicking on your big red rub now, I’ve got to see what’s in it…

    1. Now they are some seriously nice words my friend. I’m pretty chuffed with myself right now 😁

  5. Dana Fashina says:

    Dude yes!
    I saw this on Instajzzle and almost had a heart attack.
    It’s fucking awesome and so are the pictures!

    No email received yet.
    Even checked my spam.

    1. Cheers homie.
      OK. Well the email said yes yes yes. Eff yes. I’ll do whatever. I’m easy if you’re hard. I like food 😜

      1. Dana Fashina says:

        Oh god…why can’t you just tell me what to do?

      2. Ok. I think a little harder…

  6. great idea of using the loaf as a trencher….looks fucking sexy:)

    1. Tasted fucking sexy too… Cheers 👍

  7. Hmm, fully loaded chowder vienna loaf…
    i can imagine dabbed the chowder with the buns,damn delicious!!!

    1. Damn delicious indeed my friend!!

      1. Amber says:

        I am having this problem on my 01 4runner. I have had it at the dealer 6 times and they ha21#&n8ve7;t fixed it yet. I spent over 1,000 and I am afraid to even drive it. They replaced the throttle control, it was ok for a short time, but still doing the same thing.

  8. chef mimi says:

    That looks fabulous! Not bad for camping food, either!!!

    1. Cheers my friend. It was not bad for anytime food! 😁

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