Easy peasy mac and cheesy

This is a version of macaroni and cheese that is bloody quick and easy. It is simply cooked macaroni in one pot and cheese sauce in another pot and then you get to use your evolved dexterity to pour the cheese sauce over the macaroni and mix it together.

That is the simple version.

You can jazz it up a bit with the addition of some pangrattata (crispy breadcrumbs) or crushed corn chips or maybe Cheetos. I am also quite a fan of a little hot sauce splashed around, and a bit of my favourite barbecue rub du jour tossed about for serving. But once again that’s up to you.

Just one more thing; with the cheese you are using I recommend a mix of something just a little smelly (cheddar, pecorino or parmesan will fill that spot) and then something that will give you some stringiness like mozzarella or even mozzarella. Grated tasty cheese does not quite fulfil my needs with this one.


250 g (scant 2 cups) dried macaroni, to give you approximately 4 cups cooked pasta
1x 375 ml can evaporated milk
1 heaped teaspoon cornflour
150 g cheddar or something with a bit of flavour to it
150 g mozzarella
Salt and pepper, to season

You will need to make your cheese sauce and cook the macaroni at the same time, but I think you will be fine at this.
Cook macaroni as per packet instructions. Keep warm.
To make cheese sauce add evaporated milk to a small pot and whisk in corn flour until smooth.
Place pot over medium-low heat and whisk occasionally as it comes up to heat.
Once milk is hot but not boiling, turn heat to low and start to stir in your cheeses.
Keep stirring until sauce is smooth. Check consistency and if sauce is too thick add a little more milk to loosen.
Add a pinch of salt and pepper and taste.
Adjust seasoning if necessary.
Pour sauce over macaroni and stir through. Put some crispy bits and pieces on top if that’s what you want to do.
Eat it in your face. Maybe with a few other things too. Unless you’ve been playing the Orchy saxophone, that is.

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