Five more things to do with vegetables… Paul’s caul


When I was asked to write five things to do with vegetables I must admit it was only about idea number four that included cooking them… and note I said included!


But midgets and turnips aside there are so many ways to use/cook vegetables, for us chefs it seems almost ridiculous to be asked what to do with veg, but I guess we use our brains differently then most where there is usually space in the brain for such things as grammer and spelling we have food imagination (see my case is quite clearly made…)


I reckon I’m going to make this simple for all involved I don’t think I’m going to give you recipes just theory’s, sound vague? Well it may be who knows what will come next, certainly not me I’m flying by the seat of my pants (always wanted to say that) lets start by choosing five veg… I will for the record state that I haven’t had time to fully read my dear friend and fellow chefs five things to do with veg, so if they are the same veg then so be it you get more bang for your buck (something else I’ve always wanted to say, my sayings bucket list is getting ticked today J ) and if it’s the exact same dish which I highly doubt then you can guarantee it is the best thing to do with that particular veg.


My veg will be…








fennel bulbs




As I read the brief I think I may of missed the point, is it meant to be five things to do with one vegetable or one thing to do with five veg? fuck me I’m confused, how about you? Well since I’m sitting in this cupboard alone I think what you reckon is irrelevant, so I will run with the latter.



asparagus is such a beautiful product and that evil substance that is sold in cans should not be permitted to be called by the same name!!!!  all you need to do with asparagus is trim of a couple of cm at the bottom whack it in a hot pan or on a bbq with olive oil and salt & pepper, splash a bit of lemon juice on it and 1 minute later your eating the most delicious thing ever… could not be simpler right? Wrong… you could just eat it raw… BAM!!!


definitely one of my favourite veg, I love to make parsnip and blue cheese soup or a parnip and nutmeg puree to serve with meat,  I hope by now you could make these things from scratch but if not request the recipe and I will supply


also known as the green coconut because of the water content (completely made up fact!!!) so I like to slice into slices funny enough and lightly coat in corn flour with ground cumin in and shallow fry in olive oil and serve with spinach and poached eggs…


what I want you to do is replace onion in your old recipes and see what happens…BAM!! Even the simple hotdog with caramized fennel is going to be special…


well corn is the item I’d take onto a dessert island so obviously there is so much that can be done from eating raw to making fritters, soups, puree’s, omelettes, muffins, salsa’s and of course corn sunscreen (yeah you got me, made up fact!!)


Well as stated if you want any of the above turned into recipes please just ask and it shall be done, but I’m getting cramped in this cupboard so time to get back to the real world.


Remember vegetable is not a rude word… cock is a rude word… just thought I’d clarify!

4 responses to “Five more things to do with vegetables… Paul’s caul”

  1. Hey Cheffie,

    Whenever my gorgeous Sal comes home for a visit she fills my pantry with “some pretty fancy shit” food items and offers to cook me the most amazing dishes. Sometimes she cooks it, and sometimes she gets a better offer and heads out to a party. Not only am I left HUNGRY – but – I now have “some pretty fancy shit” I could be cooking – but haven’t a clue how to. Let’s start with the Dry Brown Lentils…………… any suggestions?

  2. Yep. Those little babies belong in any stew or casserole you make. I usually cook them seperately in boiling water and then put them in towards the end. They’re also a really good side dish with sauteed bacon, onion, cabbage and salt and pepper…

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