Pauls Caul… caramelised pineapple with lemongrass and palm sugar icecream, and other ramblings

“Paul’s Caul” is a segment written by fellow chef, friend and mentor Paul Mac. He’s an all round nice guy. He pats little fury animals and all sorts of shit. He could be your friend. Unless you are a bit “special” (was that PC? Yep. Great) in which case he will spot your “special ability” from a mile away, probably before he’s even woken up in the morn, and proceed to tear you to shreds. Basically, if you are a half-wit, Pauly is a double-wit” G. Aka Cheffy Red Beard Mcfilthy Mouth



Dessert or desert?

Well as you all know I have many talents, ranging from the art of story telling to the lesser known art form that is vegetable whittlings… some may go as far to say I can cook pretty good, I am one of those for-mentioned people. But as you can see from my previously made up word, that something people never say is that I have a talent for grammar and spelling, or for general humbleness. So it is without much surprise (great sentence this one) that I inform you all that I wrote desert for many years instead of dessert… now my point is (another surprise is there actually is a point to all this insane babbling) is that… actually I was really hoping to have a point but alas I have found myself lacking in the point department…

All I wanted to get at is that desserts don’t need to be sickly sweet so fuck knows why I told you a story of my inherent lack of good English.

Well in case you have been skim reading, and I hope you have, I will place my point in big bold letters for you all…


G-bags a.k.a Gray a.k.a Grazza a.k.a Cheffy Red Beard Mcfilthy mouth asked me in the week to write a recipe for a dessert that isn’t to sweet, as I’m always banging on about them. So here I am doing just that, I have chosen what might seem to you as a very sweet dessert. But what the fuck would you know, it is…


Caramelized pineapple with lemongrass & palm sugar ice cream

Now on the surface it seems sweet but it has a lot of natural sweetness and plenty of other flavours to take away from the sweet part of your palate.

First the ice cream…

Coconut ice cream

250ml coconut cream
250ml milk
40g palm sugar
6 egg yolks
1 lemongrass stalk, smashed
1 small knob ginger (knob…hehe)
100g shredded coconut

Mix coconut cream, milk, sugar, ginger & lemongrass together and place in a saucepan and simmer for 15 minutes to allow the flavours to get to know each other.
Then strain the mixture into a metal bowl with the yolks in and whisk over a pot of simmering water (baine marie) and stir continuously till it thickens and coats the back of a spoon.
Take away from heat, transfer to cool bowl and allow to completely cool down.
Place in an ice cream machine and churn it till it freezes into ice cream.

Caramelized pineapple

Fresh pineapple, as much as you want, cut into 1cm slices
1 cinnamon quill
4 dried chillies
½ teaspoon coriander seeds
½ cup brown sugar

Roast off the spices and grind in a mortar and pestle, once ground add the sugar and grind some more.
Sprinkle the pineapple with the chilli sugar (yes that’s what we now call it) and fry in a dry pan until it goes a nice brown/black colour depending on how caramelized you like it.
Whack in oven on glad bake (and a tray) for five minutes and then serve with ice cream and some fresh mint… BAM!!!!

So whether you’re in the middle of the Sahara or just finished main course this is going to suit you, as it’s refreshing, not to sweet and very adult… what ever that means???

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