Hash for breakfast? Sure I’ll get the hash pipe… not that type of hash huh? Aw man, and my hash pipe is sooo impressive. I was going to relive my time back packing through India… oh well, didn’t have the shonky toilet anyway.

This sort of breakfast lures me in every time. I am attracted to it like the blow fly is attracted to the steaming fresh poo, or the 14 year boy is attracted to his fathers secret porn stash, or the carnie is attracted to the stench of sour cabbage. Yes I love it.

It was more than likely that this was born from a stash of last night’s leftovers and an appetite for destruction. I’m not saying a young Axel Rose created this recipe but that would’ve have been damn close. I can see him now, not literally of course, that would just be ludicrous. He is probably off somewhere doing whatever it is that famous rock stars do before they die these days. Maybe he’s a judge on “American Idol”… I hope he is just to prove that being totally ignorant can sometimes mean you win these days. Anyway, I can metaphorically see him now, busting out purple haze on the guitar… no wait. That was Jimi Hendrix. Really?

Lay off the herbal tea man.



Nom, nom, nom
Plate it up like this
make it again the next day because it tastes so damn fine and plate it up like this...
Make it again the next day because it tastes so damn fine and plate it up like this… You’ll work it out


Pulled pork and potato hash (per person)

½ cup left over pulled pork or corned beef or bacon would work just fine

1 cup diced cooked potato, left over from last night’s dinner if you got some

¼ onion, diced

1 tomato, roasted if you can be bothered

a small handful parsley, torn




poached eggs, BBQ sauce and toast to serve

  • Heat a splash of oil in a pan (yeah, I really need to be this obvious), add potatoes and fry on medium heat until starting to brown
  • Add onions and fry for another minute
  • Add a knob of butter and pork and fry for one more minute
  • Remove from heat, add tomatoes and parsley and toss to combine
  • Season
  • Hopefully now your eggs and toast are ready and you can serve it up… there’s nothing worse then being made to wait for breakfast… morning small talk is not usually the sharpest…
  • A few hits of Al Brown’s BBQ sauce (right here computer head) does the trick for me, but whatever saucey goodness you fancy will be fine… maybe your girlfriend will do the trick?

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