Paul’s Caul… Eat, drink Perth

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Eat, drink Perth

If I had to use ten words to describe me, ‘Eat, Drink Perth’ would be three of them.

That statement is not only the truth, but it is quite highly possible that it will not hold any relevance to anything or anyone ever, yet here we are using talking about the correlation too my fictional ten word autobiographical blurb… why? Because its also a festival here in Perth WA, and what’s more a festival that requested my services to host an event throughout the festival.

Better question… what the fuck are the other 6 words, all I knows for sure that academic certainly ain’t one.

Now, if you are all shocked that either G-bags McFilthy Mouth or I actually hold down jobs as Chefs and what’s more get taken seriously by people in the community… then get in line because it blows my fucking mind!!!

Don’t get me wrong I’m honored to be working in a job that allows me to be creative and passionate at work. Work that is now not only just food, its entertainment, science and magic (magic may or may not be just magnets) but what the guys from City of Perth wanted was a little of all that, they wanted a cooking demo along with samples and they wanted that wrapped up in ramblings about food being the best shit ever. So how could I resist, I jumped on board and ‘Date night with Paul Macnish’ was created.

Hang on did you just say date night?

Well that name was a surprise to me also… and I dare say anyone that came ready to fling their metaphorical keys in massive metaphorical bowls.

But name aside we moved on, and the night consisted of me for an hour getting to share whatever food I wanted not only the production of said dishes but actually handed out proper tangible cuisine, brilliant! And they had a couple of massive screens behind me which were used for the screening of the food orientated movies afterwards, beanbags and wireless headsets where handed out for free and all in all it was a cracking success.

I managed to only swear a few times over 5 hours of talking and only offended two countries I know of, but all in all I was just happy not to of mentioned how much the inside of a papaya looks like a vagina… I really do set the bar of expectation very low and of the most part goals are very achievable.

Heaps of friends came down to support me which, as always, made it all worth it. I love to see new people getting into food and I love to be part of their education and growth in the world of deliciousness. But what is the best thing about food? It’s not the preparation of food and it’s not purchasing of food. It’s not the looking at food or smelling food… it is all of that and more, but above all it is about sharing it with friends… so a massive thanks to all that came down.

I promised heaps of people that I would get the recipes from the demo’s up on here. These are the recipes from the dessert week…

This a belting dessert and easy as… so get amongst it

Lemongrass panna cotta with lychee ice & ginger cacao crumb

Panna cotta
450ml cream
300ml milk
2 sheets leaf gelatin
150g castor sugar
2 large stalks lemongrass, bashed and chopped finely
• In a saucepan bring the cream, milk, sugar and lemongrass to the simmer and let cook for 3minutes, then turn off heat and allow to in fuse for 15minutes.
• Soak the gelatin sheets in cold water.
• Squeeze out the water from the sheets and whisk into the cream mixture.
• Strain mixture into a jug.
• Pour mixture equally into dariole moulds filling them 1 cm from the top.
• Allow to set over night in fridge.

Lychee ice
230g tinned lychee
30g palm sugar
4 kaffir lime leaves
1lt water
• In a small pot add the water and palm sugar and heat to dissolve.
• Add the lime leaves and allow infusing off the heat for 15 minutes then strain.
• In a good quality blender, blend lychees and add the palm sugar liquor.
• Allow to cool.
• Either churn in ice cream machine or put in freezer and stir every 15 minutes until it freezes.

Ginger, coconut & cacao crumb
1 packet of ginger nuts
30g cacao nibs or beans (that have been shelled)
100g fresh or moist coconut
• In a good blender blend all ingredients to desired texture.

25 responses to “Paul’s Caul… Eat, drink Perth”

  1. You da man Paul…!!!…I’m so glad you didn’t mention how a papaya looks like a vag…that would’ve just been awkward 😛
    …world of deliciousness…such poetry…10 out of 10 my friend 🙂

  2. Paul! I didn’t know you lived in Perth! Actually, I just looked you up and had no idea that this column was being written by the exec chef of Mortar and Pestle…. there you go, small world. You and Graz are pretty darn humble for two accomplished men of food!
    Eat Drink Perth was absolutely amazing. The whole event made me pretty excited about the creativity, skill and passion amongst those working in Perth hospitality. Love your write up. The lychee ice sounds so good.

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