World Turtle Day… and a kick-ass prawn and salmon pizza


What to make for World Turtle Day… fricking pizza of course!

Yes, today is World Turtle Day. A day of celebration and recognition for turtles across this great globe of ours, and what better way to celebrate and recognize with them then to eat a pizza? Cowabunga dude! And that shall hopefully be the only Ninga Turtles reference I lay forth for you today.

It just so happens that last night I did make pizza and I shall be sharing that recipe with you today, piggy-backed in to this celebration by nothing more than a fortuitous piece of damn good luck!

There is not really much I can say about pizzas I haven’t said before. A decent pizza base is a sexy-assed, glorious conduit for any fricking thing you can find in your fridge… as long as that includes cheese.

I am not even going to give you a recipe for pizza as I think there are three things that everyone in this world should be able to do by the time they are old enough to read gutter inspired blogs such as this one;
1. Tie your own shoelace
2. Pleasure yourself in a successful and efficient manner
3. Make a fricking pizza

I’m not going to say you need to make your own pizza dough either (if you want to though, there’s a recipe from your Uncle Matt right here). Get someone’s Italian aunty to that for you… or buy a decent pre-made base from the super market. They must be available in this high faluting gourmet world we live in, surely? Just don’t succumb to the purchase of the way-further-down-the-scale-than-third-rate pre-made frozen Macains pizzas that end up dispelling any hope for humanity that there is actually a god. Just, if you are going to delve into the scary “other world” of frozen pizzas, may I suggest that you also set yourself up in a nice little corner of your kitchen so you may live out your years in your new occupation as a hairy little kitchen rubbish bin.

On this day I had a fillet of salmon (everyone has a few of them lying around, yeah?), some prawns (got them from work), cheese, tomato passata, capers, some jalapeño yoghurt and a few herbs from the garden. I don’t know what you’re eating tonight, and quite frankly I don’t expect it’s any of my business, but I could almost guarantee it isn’t this…

Put the salmon on when the rest is cooked and heat it through in a warm oven… probably the one you used to cook your pizza in
Put the salmon on when the rest is cooked and heat it through in a warm oven… probably the one you used to cook your pizza in
See the gates of heaven open
See the gates of heaven open
Get it in your face
Get it in your face

1 large pizza base (I have been doing rectangles so I get more bang for my buck and I can make enough to feed my ravenous children)
150g salmon, skinned and sliced
200g king prawns, peeled, deveined and chopped
tomato passata
a few slices of good mozzarella cheese
1 tablespoon capers
a handful of rocket if you have some in the garden
chervil (once again, if you have some in the garden), jalapeno yoghurt and lemon to serve
• Get your oven plenty hot. I mean smoking. I mean, like the crown at a Ben Harper concert smoking
• Set your pizza up like you normally would. I like tomato, then cheese, then capers, rocket and prawns
• Cook that in your plenty hot oven for 10 minutes or as long as it takes to cook
• Remove pizza, turn oven off, add salmon to pizza and return to off oven for 1 minute to warm through
• Hit that bad boy with jalapeño yoghurt (natural yoghurt with as many chopped jalapeños mixed through it as you can handle), chervil, lemon juice and some seasoning
• Seriously. Cowa-fricking-bunga dude!

16 responses to “World Turtle Day… and a kick-ass prawn and salmon pizza”

  1. That is impressive. I especially like the jalapeno yoghurt part. Nice touch!
    And since YOU brought it up, let me just state that I was Donatello for Halloween once upon a time.

  2. Nice TMNT reference. We didn’t figure out the connection between turtle day and pizza from reading just the title. Nice “hook”. Great idea to put the salmon at the latter part of the process to avoid overcooking it. 🙂

  3. Not sure how I missed this post…nice work my friend…the salmon looks great…love the sound of the jalapeño yoghurt…I have a jar of jalapeños, Greek yoghurt, lots of garlic and awesome olive oil…would that work? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Tomato passata, capers, some jalapeño yoghurt and a few herbs from the garden! Are you kidding me? That’s fantastic not to mention salmon on a pizza. Brilliant once again..

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