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Chicken, potato and black pepper curry… and my freezing fingers


It’s early in the a.m. Like, really early. Like, there is no chance that the sun shall be reprieving the moon of his night duties anytime soon. Nope, the moon has still got a good hour to go on the night shift, so that lad may as well go and get himself another cup of coffee… that’s what I’m going to do.

That carrot sambal is doing things to my nether regions right now

That carrot sambal is doing things to my nether regions right now

I do not know what I am doing up at this time, though. I checked my pajamas and the sheets and they were definitely dry so there needs to be another answer. One that I do not know though, as my chosen career path was cooking and being a top bloke in general, not a degree in modern doctoring with honours in the areas of cognitive-behavioural therapy and adult nocturnal enuresis theories (look that shit up).

Flat bread always does things for me

Flat bread always does things for me

And just to top it off it is bloody cold. My face is blowing smoke yet I do not have a cigarette. The grass outside is white yet I do not remember ever ordering white turf. My hands are just barely working, which still puts them a few paces ahead of my brain right now. It’s colder than the disgruntled snowman’s public defecation on the set of “Disney on Ice” right now, which confuses me even more because I quite simply cannot make sense of anything with my brain freezing like it is. And what options do I have to warm said brain? Anti-freeze? Nope, can’t drink it. Light fire on head? Nope, beard will go up like roman candle and ruin boyish good looks. Beanie? Beanie! See, now that is a good idea. It was bound to kick in eventually. Now where to buy a beanie at 4:30am…

Argh, damn this cold.

We are all loving the flavours in this curry, thanks Pete

We are all loving the flavours in this curry, thanks Pete

By mid afternoon my brain had warmed up enough to tell me that I was going to make Peter Kuruvita’s pork and black pepper curry again, except this time is was going to use chicken and potato. I was also told to make dahl, carrot sambal, tamarind chutney and flatbread. A well received decision indeed.

I always love a good spread pic, wink wink

I always love a good spread pic, wink wink

The pork curry recipe (which I substituted chicken pieces and potato for pork and eggplant), carrot sambal and flat bread/roti recipe can be found right… here. The dahl recipe is here.

20 comments on “Chicken, potato and black pepper curry… and my freezing fingers

  1. Ema Jones says:

    Good idea!!
    Have a look at Brazilian Grilled Meat

    1. Cheers and I would love to but I can’t hit the link…

      1. Ema Jones says:

        It’s the same link. Please try again 🙂
        Enjoy Reshmi Kebabs (Meat Shewers)

  2. cheergerm says:

    Looks tops matey. I sleep like a freakin ninja with one eye open, so the night is my friend/enemy. Buy a beanie…but make it a ‘cool’ beanie to ensure that ones ‘boyish good looks’ are enhanced/maintained.

    1. This is good advice all round my friend. A ginger ninja sleeping with one eye open with a beanie on! Smiley face

  3. Wow, your brain warmed up nicely and came up with some great ideas. However, I like they way you write when you are freezing! Good stuff.

    1. Freezing and just barely awake is a great state to write in. Chuck a bit of a hangover in there and we’d be onto a new writing movement!! Smiley face

  4. Dana Fashina says:

    Ah yes… It’s winter there…
    I can relate but can’t feel too too short for you because when I was shoveling snow, blowing my back out, you were posting lovely, light, summery recipes.

    So pull your boot straps up Graeme and keep making shit like this 😁

    1. Dana Fashina says:

      *too sorry for you

      Voice typing 😊

      1. Ooh voice typing… tech shit! Didn’t even pick it! Smiley face

  5. Good curry….it’s going to have to wait until winter…but then it’s going to get made:)

    1. I can wait… Smiley face

  6. Amanda says:

    Wow that is some meal. Those carrots are unreal. You’re out of control in the morning….

    1. Yeah. I think I could have done with out the coffee and opted for a Valium instead. And that carrot sambal is one of my faves at the mo for sure. Smiley face

  7. yum! this looks so hearty and delicious… definitely a recipe i see myself making this week. thanks for the inspiration and ideas!

    1. A pleasure my friend. Thanks fer dropping by. Smiley face

  8. LFFL says:

    Not looking forward to the winter days again. You can keep them away from us for a while as far as I’m concerned.

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