Wooli part 3… ridiculous stuffed croissant for breakfast

Image 1

Pastry chef goes a little crazy when he hears the news of the immanent closure of our place of employment.

Pastry chef bakes unusually large croissant… not for the purpose of any kind of freakish Friday night, keys in the hat type party, but for human consumption.


I bring said croissant on holiday to visit the beach, see the pretty birds and to become the foundation of a mental breakfast.

The pastry chef would be proud of how his product ended its time as the epitome of it’s bronzed, crescent shaped lesser siblings, the embodiment of everything holy about meticulously layered and folded flour and butter, beautifully presented as a ridiculously large golden buttery slug.


It was filled with beef sausage, smoked sausage, bacon, fried eggs, cheese and tomato sauce, seasoned and allowed to bake on a low heat for 15 minutes to suffice it’s throbbing mass.


The croissant was consumed, crumbs and final morsels were picked from plates and everyone was in awe of what had been accomplished.

Image 2

The end.

16 responses to “Wooli part 3… ridiculous stuffed croissant for breakfast”

  1. OMG look at that thing. It’s almost like what I would order in heaven. Your kids are so cute.

    1. Thank you and thank you. I’m sure it would be on the food court menu upstairs! Smiley face

  2. You did the right thing with this beautiful croissant. Yum!

    1. I was a beast!! A delicious beast!

  3. An upsized croissant utilised in this manner is indeed, a thing of rare beauty.

    1. Touché my good lady. Smiley face

  4. that looks ridiculously good!

    1. That’s exactly what it was!!! Smiley face

  5. yeah! that’s a breakfast item to be proud of..

    1. Proud? My friend I was like the father of an inbred child who had just made it into secondary school!! Smiley face

      1. I am proud for you across the pond too!

  6. Patent that one! Guiness Book of World Records? Delish..

    1. I was thinking it may come close :). Cheers my friend.

  7. Ha. I was wondering where you got that massive croissant from… now I know. As for the ‘imminent closing’ of your place of work… What?? Did I miss something? That is not good. But this croissant, this is good. Yes.

    1. Yeah they decided to close it up. It’s a shame because it was a really nice place. Shit happens, as they say.

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