Paul’s Caul… Chicken Three Way


Chicken three way

Holy shitballs that tittle sounds saucy in a too many beaks in the bedroom kinda way…

Do not fear I am neither into bestiality or in fact sharing my poultry with more than one person, but I am a sucker for cheap eats that are healthy and tasty food for my ever-hungry face hole.

I’m back from our extremely long and equally as amazing journey through South America, but as to be expected I seemed to have smuggled in some extra baggage in the form of my belly whom I shall name Jose. And to counter this excess weight we made sure that my wallet was completely void of weight and content. So healthy eating on a budget is my new hobby, its possible more than a hobby, its essential if I hope to continue to wear any of the clothes in my cupboard. So with Jose looking up at me with a wanting eye (that is a belly button I speak off, as I feel that should be made clear) we start the process of training everyday and cooking on a budget.

What better way to save money than to buy whole chickens and break em on down, one chicken enters three meals leave, it’s the anti-thunder dome sans Tina Turner and possibly any other relevance to the actual thunder dome. This nonsense aside I start with a chook and knife…

And end up with 2 whopping great big breasts (possible from all that food I’ve been eating) couple of Maryland cuts (leg and thigh) wings and a carcass.

So here we stand with our prey laid out before us about to become dinner.  Dinner it is, praise Valhalla…

We shall honour this creatures life by simmering its bones into a delicious master stock inspired brothy thing… its once moist bossom will once again be moist with my garlic & oregano titty rub… and to make sure she ain’t going no-where we be roasting the shit out of the running parts and da flying parts, connecting in their heated journey with an olive oily, chilli, lemony, black peppery little number.

The master stock inspired brothy thing
Carcass of any birds (within reason)
1 onion roughly chopped
6 dried chilies
4 star anise
1 cinnamon quill
2 big nugs of yellow sugar (nugs are about 2cm cube)
Good splash of Chinese cooking wine
Not quite as much kinda splash of black vinegar

• Whack all ingredients in a medium to large pot (depending on what you dictate as large I guess)
• Then fill pot with water and place on a gentle simmer to bubble away for 1.5hours then strain.
• Carefully pick any of the chicken meat that may be on the carcass and place to one side.
• This broth can be slightly thickened with corn flour if you wanted but I prefer a nice flavorsome stock to add what ever you want to.

I think we will go for rice noodles, julienne of carrot, leek and spring onion with ginger and coriander.

Mmmm, titties
Mmmm, titties
Titties with other good things
Titties with other good things

Garlic & oregano titty rub
Half a handful of fresh oregano
2 large garlic cloves
Sea salt & pepper
Olive oil
Whatever meat you want delicious

• Chop up oregano and garlic on a board until nice paste is formed.
• Pull a little hole on the side of the chicken breast skin.
• Jam lots of the paste up and on to the breast.
• Roll breast on board to pick up all traces of love.
• Cook skin side down in olive oil, until skin is crispy as shit, then flip for a minute. Place on an oven tray and in a well hot oven for approx. 10-14 or until the breast be seeping clear juice and felling the goods.
• Serve with whatever you like, tonight I went for the literally the only things left in fridge approach, and came up with…. Corn, red onion and jalapeño cooked down with cannellini beans in a (light) coconut cream and fish sauce reduction. Recipe can be devised through looking at the picture and reading the description.

Ready to get it’s ass into the oven
Effing fantastic
Oh dear good lord. Don’t pretend you don’t want it


Olive oily, chilli, lemony, black peppery little number
All the best bits of a bird (legs, thighs and wings)
1 long red chilli sliced on a fancy angle
½ red onion cut into strips
Lemon zest or strips if you’re a wanker
3 garlic cloves
Decent amount of black pepper (freshly cracked people, we are not animals)
Little olive oil for lubrication
Good quality sea salt

• Whack all in a big bowl and roll around each other.
• Line a small high side oven dish with over sized glad bake.
• Place all chicken in with skin side up.
• Cover with smaller piece of glad bake.
• Cook in hot oven (mine was at 220C) for 20minutes approx.
• Take top piece of paper off and place back in oven for further 10minutes to crisp up.

• Chicken can be eaten straight away, but I like to leave sitting in its juices for an hour or so before diving in, it’s worth the wait.

So all up I’d say that’s three solid dinners out of a $14 chook and not a lot of extra expense to get some vege love into us, alongside the holy trinity of non-foul foul.

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