Mango & Cactus Salsa… sure to improve your life

Mango & cactus salsa goes phenomenally well with seafood tacos
Mango & cactus salsa goes phenomenally well with seafood tacos

Salsa is a child of the summer.

The moment I have made salsas three times in the same week is the exact same moment I swap my ensemble of a Darrel Summers’ jumper, sensible trousers and discount shoe mart runners for boardies, a singlet and thongs. When the salsas come out it means the weather is hot, the living is easy and I don’t look so much like I belong on the set of late 80s-early 90s Australian sitcom, “Hey Dad”.

Salsa also refers to a particularly raunchy form of Latin American dancing. It is said that salsa dancing may have been named so because it was somewhat hot and/or saucy. Nice. I really like what they did there…

You were just the recipient of a random snippet of knowledge courtesy of your friends here at foodisthebestshitever.

I am a firm believer that your life can be improved by
1. The power of a good salsa. Applying salsa with relish (heheh) at your next summer barbecue (sorry northern hemisphere peeps… you can put that on hold until next year) or your Christmas lunch shall raise you to the pedestal that you damn well deserve.
2. Plenty of booze… get some cocktail action going and you won’t even care that you can’t cook for shit and the Christmas ham is now blacker than an emo kid in a black hole.
3. A good bowel movement on a regular basis will make good life really good and on the flipside, not having a good bowel movement on a regular basis can make life very bad. Not like the call girl with the long boots and red lipstick bad, but more like the out of order toilet at the music festival bad (if you are a bit too mature to be frolicking around with thousands of sweaty hipsters insert some kind of large gathering of your kind in there).
4. An arm that was just slightly longer so you could scratch that spot in between your shoulder blades when it gets itchy. That’s got to be a god joke right there. Upstairs, laughing their heads off at us idiots down below trying to scratch ourselves. Really funny guys…

So I find it only fitting that I should offer a salsa recipe for you to create in your home kitchen today. Also, in the lead-up to this coca-cola themed craziness, I shall try to pump out a few more easytastygood recipes to impress your peeps with this Christmas.

This salsa would be great to dress a prawn salad, it would find a happy home along side roast chicken or pork and, of course it would kick-ass on tacos… any tacos as long as they are heading directly for your face.

That's the salsa down the front
That’s the salsa down the front

If you really want to impress people make a pile of fish and prawn tacos with some avocado, pickled cabbage and this salsa and hand them out to all of your friends. Popularity guaranteed
If you really want to impress people make a pile of fish and prawn tacos with some avocado, pickled cabbage and this salsa and hand them out to all of your friends. Popularity guaranteed

MANGO & CACTUS SALSA (makes approx. 3 cups)

3 medium mangoes, flesh only, diced
½ cup cactus strips*, diced
½ red (salad) onion, fine dice
1 handful coriander, chopped
1 teaspoon hot sauce**
1 lime… maybe

• Mix all ingredients together to combine
• Adjust to your taste with a squeeze of lime juice if necessary

*Available from a purveyor of Mexican goodies… or probably at every large super market chain by the time you read this as the whole Mexican food thing is trending fairly heavily

**I am using the Byron Bay Chilli Co Cayenne Hot Chilli Sauce at the moment for no other reason than it tastes damn fine

18 responses to “Mango & Cactus Salsa… sure to improve your life”

  1. I could do with becoming a tad more popular so I will be making this cracking little ‘aye carumba’ salsa. If I was a polygamist, I would marry mango. And yes, life would be just that little bit better if our arms were made just a little longer. I guess that’s what those 1970’s style wooden backscratchers were made for. Put one on your Santa list Mr F.

    1. Damn! I forgot about back scratchers… I am feeling a little simple now 🙂
      You should marry mango anyways… In a secret ceremony far up in the hills just to be sure 🙂

  2. Hell yes! Cactus, mango, tacos, hot weather and booze… thats living. Need to find me some cactus… there’s some growing down the road…

    1. Cheers Matt. It’s always good to have some nice words from another tex-mex aficionado!
      About that cactus – just make sure it’s not the “special” kind… You don’t want to end up in bat country 🙂

  3. Love those fish and prawn tacos…and salsa …just excellent. Wish you hadn’t reminded of the too short scratching arm:)

    1. Heheh.
      It’s all good – someone else reminded me of the back scratcher 🙂

  4. I would give my right big toe to eat that entire pile of gorgeous looking home made tortillas.

    1. Once we receive said big toe tortillas will be in the mail 🙂

  5. Damn homie!!
    I’m missing summer for real reading this.
    Tacos and salsa are ALWAYS a good idea. 👌👌👍

    1. Hells yeah! And beer too. Beer is a good idea.
      Spot on hand, thumbs up hand, punchy hand… Maybe I should just get the damn symbols!

  6. What an impressive spread, Graeme! I could tuck into it right now (and a few rays of sunshine wouldn’t go amiss, either)

    1. It’s all about the sunshine for us at the mo’. You’re welcome to have some… We don’t mind sharing 🙂

  7. I’ve never had cactus. I don’t even know that I know where to get it! It’s a weird thing because I know we have it in the U.S., but it’s not all that common in our stores. After seeing this recipe though I think I will go and try to find some!

    1. Find some for sure brother Fuel! It’s not a very pronounced flavour but it is a nice pickly awesome texture!

  8. I’ve never eaten cactus either. But I am going to visit Matt soon so maybe we can both raid the cactus down the road… maybe if we drink enough booze beforehand all of the alcohol will kill any ‘incorrect cactus’ toxicity?!
    Love fish tacos. SUMMER. You’ve summed it up so well.

    1. Find some cactus and get it on a fish taco for it is the time for the fish taco to shine!!

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