Wooli Seafood Spread

Fishy, fishy, fishy
Fishy, fishy, fishy

I don’t got much for you today.

All I have is a couple of points that have come from my ponderings and the tail end symptoms of a nasty little rash. Not exactly “strap yourself in and get ready for the ride” reading but like I said, it’s all I’ve got.

1. It is almost Christmas. That came around really effing quickly. Before you know it you will be waking up on boxing day wearing a santa hat, all areas of visible skin blanket-filled with an interesting choice of colour that could only be called sun burn red*, hungover like something that has been drinking in the hot sun for the entirety of the previous day and, if you are one of the truly lucky peeps amongst us who have chosen to work in the hospitality industry, you may even be late for the breakfast shift!
2. I have decided that the lead up to Christmas may or may not be the best time to launch a catering company. And the day job too… what was I thinking?
3. I don’t care what you’re doing right now because we are getting a bit of serious NDAFT (not doing an effing thing) time in. We have transported our asses to Wooli on the north coast of New South Wales via motorized chariot on the actual highway (as opposed to the interweb super-highway). Yes, back to Wooli. I am drawn to this place like the weight sensitive person is drawn to an extra slice of chocolate cake… We are enjoying the idiosyncrasies of staying in a cabin on the river, sampling the local seafood (those who remember my last Wooli post would probably remember that I mentioned the local oyster supplier and fish shop… a lot), swimming and kayaking in said river, fishing and just doing nice shit in general. Really feeling the love, you know?
4. I feel there is a good chance that posts may become dodgily intermittent because of my work load with catering and my day job… this is something you most probably wouldn’t offer a single shit for, which I would agree is a wise decision.
5. Once, sometime in my past, something happened to my head and made me heaps skilled at talking random rubbish all the time.

Proof that I fish
Proof that I fish

That’s it. Ponder that load of complete and utter bollocks (or don’t). As for me, I am going to enjoy these few days we have away from the centrifuge (That’s right. Big fast spinning thing) that is our lives at the moment and give it up a little for a bit of eat, drink, fish, swim, quality family time etc… you get the picture.

Proof that my children have not yet worked out which side of the kayak they should be in
Proof that my children have not yet worked out which side of the kayak they should be in

So in closing I would like to say this; enjoy your Christmas if I forget to tell you on the day, if you need someone to cater your Christmas party I am not the man (sure, mostly I am “the man”, but in this case I am most certainly not the man), I love getting the heck outta dodge and I have not forgotten about you if I don’t write for a while… just in case.

Kick-ass prawns
Kick-ass prawns

Kick-ass oysters with kick-ass bacon
Kick-ass oysters with kick-ass bacon
All round kick-ass-ness
All round kick-ass-ness


1 fish that you caught earlier that day, seasoned with a little salt and pepper and cooked on the barbecue. Give it a good squeeze of lemon as you are about to serve it up
500g cooked king prawns
2 dozen fresh oysters shucked before your very eyes, shown the love with the addition of a few bits of crisp bacon
3 rashers of bacon, chopped and fried until crisp to go on those oysters
Cabin marie rose sauce, aka cocktail sauce (recipe below)
Salads that you and yours enjoy eating – We had a Greek-ish salad with quinoa and my nana’s potato salad


½ cup mayo
1 tablespoon or so tomato sauce (ketchup)
1 teaspoon lemon juice
Extra seasoning if you need it

• Combine all ingredients and whisk together… unless your cabin does not have a whisk included in it’s bucket of kitchen utensils, in which case, if your name is MacGyver I would suggest you fashion a whisk from an old bicycle pump and the skeletal remains of the fish you caught today. But, as you are most likely not MacGyver, a fork will do the trick just fine. If your cabin does not have a fork I would suggest that you may have paid good money to stay in a cave or possibly a hole in the ground and it is people like you who make me question how the human race has got this far…
• Normally this sauce would also contain Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and possibly a splash of brandy, but we’ll making use of what we’ve got because I will garnish my prawns with the juices from the bottom of the wheelie bin before I use that Masterfoods stuff from the store


*Possibly only applicable to peeps living in the Southern Hemisphere

11 responses to “Wooli Seafood Spread”

  1. Are you kidding? This is a great time to start a catering company. It might be crazy, but you can rest in the new year. Or regroup, lick your wounds and write some notes to self. Sometimes the best way to learn is to dive in. Of course, if you sink so badly you drown and never make it back, then at least you tried. I believe in you though. You’ll be fine.

    Just get a calendar going and a million lists. I remember when a workmate’s daughter started catering, she wasn’t the most organised person. She cooked up a big morning tea order and didn’t realise until the end, she got the date wrong. She was a week early. So she brought in the food to our office and we got rid of it for her.

    I’ve been making seafood sauce with tomato chutney lately, because we happen to have it around. With just mayo, chutz and lemon, it’s pretty awesome on seafood or pizza or seafood pizza 🙂

    • It is a great time to launch a catering company indeed… I think I was just enjoying the good life too much in Wooli and it started making my brain weak :). Diving in at the deep end is what we do best :).
      And yes, we have the calendar, the order sheets, the quote sheets and the lists. I’d be effed without them 🙂

  2. What! I thought you were catering our Chrissy day shenanigans????!!! Enjoy your awesome looking mini break Mr Food, the Sea Food looks delish and have an awesome kind of Christmas. (Ps I don’t really think that is you fishing, just a cut out replica of you fishing….)

    • We can still cater you personal Christmas of course Mrs Cheer… we always have room for fine humans such as yourself 🙂
      Wait, it would be more appropriate to call you Christmas Cheer with the festive season rapidly approaching, would it not?
      And re the fishing pic; you’ll never truly know now will you!

  3. Holy cow, there you are in Wooli again. I remember those posts. What a gorgeous place. I actually laughed out loud at your number 1 point. Hilarious. Enjoy the r&r and great news about the catering company! You’re about to get real busy aren’t you…

  4. I can’t wait to hear how the catering adventure is going! Don’t leave us in the dark. 😉 Maybe just post a quick little memoir at the end of each day, whether good or bad. Then you can take us on your adventure with you.

    Your seafood spread looks amazing. I could live on oysters alone. I mentioned to my husband the other day that I thought we should do the Feast of The Seven Fishes as a new Christmas Eve tradition from now on. He looked at me like I was crazy. What kind of an Italian is he anyway? I could live on seafood!

    • Feast of the seven fishes sounds like a damn fine idea to me. If I was going to start a tradition that’s the sort of thing I want to put my name to :).

      The catering is brilliant. More fun in the kitchen for me. Will defo post something soon!

      • Hi Anton,Its great to read how your approach and your overall mindset to mountain running is evolving. Will this mean that your work with NB will also evolve to encompass something more like an apruaoch/mopntain racer shoe hybrid to handle the trickier scrambling moves or do you find the MT110 to be sufficient for grip? Best wishes for Cavall, have fun.

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