Pork Shoulder Roast with Brussels Sprouts and Apples… while you’re out doing cool shit

Don’t worry, I am still alive… albeit just barely.

It’s been a hell of a couple of weeks in my world, as we have opened a restaurant. That’s right, our very own restaurant. So fucking exciting for us but oh how our lives have been turned a little sideways. I do know this was our choice and our doing so it is nothing I am complaining about, I am merely trying to give you an insight as to where I’ve been and let my Blogland friends know I still love you all. But just like the rest of my friends in the close and touchable world around me you will need to deal with my lack of attention and bare with me for a bit until my life settles back into some kind of routine that won’t be deemed total chaos… or there is of course the other option; you can hate me for ever, unfriend me, unfollow me and tell people that I’m shit, which is also totally fine by me ☺

Seriously my time at the moment is like the chocolate cake to the fat (possibly should read “weight challenged” if I cared) kid; there one minute and totally non existent the next.

So here is a dinner I cooked yesterday for our first day off as a family in a few weeks. This is something that works for me right now; so simple and soooo damn good. I put it in the oven in the morning when we left the house and it was ready when we returned hours later. I just needed to cook a few sides, open a bottle of wine or maybe two and then feed my face until it begged me to stop… I love it when my face begs me to stop…

#easytastygood just for you.

Out of the oven...
Out of the oven…

And ready to get into my belly. One bottle of wine would quite possibly have been enough but... well... nothing really. We just had two!
And ready to get into my belly. One bottle of wine would quite possibly have been enough but… well… nothing really. We just had two!


1 pork shoulder, 4kg is enough for our family and another
1 tablespoon fennel seeds
Salt and pepper
500g Brussels sprouts, halved
500g green apples, quartered and cored
2 brown onions, sliced kinda big
A splash of apple cider vinegar
Salsa verde to serve

• Put the pork shoulder into a baking dish. Rub it with fennel seeds and a good hit of salt and pepper
• Whack it into the oven at 100C and get the eff outta dodge. Go and do some really cool shit with your fam for the day. Seriously, this bad boy is going to be loving life for a good 7 hours
• When you return 7 hours later you can bring the pork out of the oven and admire what it has become
• Place the vegetables in another baking tray. Moisten with a cup of the roasting juices from the pork and the apple cider vinegar, season, whack it in the oven and turn up the heat to 200C
• After 15 minutes the vegetables should be close to done. Give them a bit of a toss and send them back to the chambers of the furnace for another five minutes
• Return the pork to the oven too, just to give that crackling a working over. This make take up to 10 minutes but persevere, it will be worth it (if your oven has a top heat/grill/broiler function you can use this to really get the crackle going)
• Carve the pork and serve it with salsa verde, the Brussels and apples, and any other sides you fancy… and beer or wine… or even beer and wine also does the trick

For any one keen to follow our exploits try The Stockpot Kitchen on facey or insta

44 responses to “Pork Shoulder Roast with Brussels Sprouts and Apples… while you’re out doing cool shit”

  1. Sounds pretty amazing, will throw that bad boy into the oven in the next few days. Just need the family to join us!!!! Good luck with the restaurant, keep these lovely tasty feaats coming.

  2. Just to clarify, 7 hours at 100°C and only another 10 minutes at 200°C? I have recently started roasting meats and am not so confident of cooking time and temperature.
    I recently cooked 1.2kg at 220°C for 2 hours (covered for the first hour to retain moisture) and it turned OK, slightly pink on the inside and a crust outside. I will try your technique of slow roast at low temperature next time.

  3. Oh yes, this looks tantalisingly delicious. They (well, me…) don’t call you Mr Food for nothing. You both deserve at least two bottles of wine in relaxation and celebration of your amazing new adventure! Don’t worry, we hadn’t forgotten you….(who are you again?) Congratulations and I just wish we lived around the corner so we could ‘patronise’ your place of business (not in a ‘oh, what a sweet little restaurant said in a patronising tone of voice’ way) but in a ‘booked a table and ate your delicious food’ kind of way. 😁

  4. Congratulations on the restaurant, great news! Loving this dinner. Especially the long and slow cooking procedure. Time to pick up a pork shoulder. And hope you still find time to keep these fine recipes coming!

  5. Yaaaaaayyy!!!
    You finally did it!!
    Annnnnnd, you not have first hand experience of what to expect when we open the American branch of ‘our’ restaurant so this is all around fucking excellent!

    As is this dinner.
    I literally said ‘oh fuck’ when i saw this pork shoulder in my feed.
    Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck fuck you for doing this to me!!

  6. Are you mad! Opening a restaurant has to be total madness.

    On second thoughts, if you are turning out dishes like this you are destined for success. Lovely dish and sincere congratulations. I’ll FB you now.

  7. Congrats on Foodisthebestshit ever restaurant!

    4kg is quite the roast. I don’t think I’ve ever cooked that much beast in my house before. Sounds amazing. We’ve got the cutest little roast for dinner tonight. It’s a 900g pork roast. I didn’t even know they came that small. Hopefully it will be enough! I’m definately chucking some apples at it now I’ve seen this post.

  8. Dude! Congratulations on the restaurant! If I’m I’ve in the area and you need a dish pig I’m your man. But seriously that is awesome. I trust you’re serving up some of your finest meals?

  9. GRAZ AND JENNEE!!! Fuck, you’ve OPENED YOUR OWN RESTAURANT?! What’s it called? Where is it? When can I visit? Do you need a kitchenhand? SO MANY QUESTIONS. The news kinda outshines this pork roast to be honest, though I’m sure it’s damn tasty. That crackle looks amazing. I’m also pretty obsessed with roasted brussels sprouts (your photos are getting all artsy and shit Graz, I’m impressed!). Anyway, congrats Stockdales. Please tell me you’ve called it something expletive.

    • Bahaha. The Fucking Good Food House… what about that? No, I hate to disappoint you but we called it the Stockpot Kitchen. It’s got some facey and insta shit going on and you guys are still more than welcome to come and visit any old time for sure. We’re working on the granny flat and another spare room… seriously…
      And cheers Loz for all of your nice words 🙂

  10. Congratulations!! Wha exciting news, Graeme – I’m so jealous! Not just of the restaurant business, but also if that gorgeous pork shoulder … Hope it’s all going well for you, if it wasn’t on the wrong end of the world I’d be booking a table for 4 right now 😉

  11. […] quite frankly that’s where I live. You can be instructed how to roast a pork shoulder if you view this post right here… also, you can be instructed on how to make tantric sexy-time love by Katherine, the 64 year old […]

  12. Wow – and you have a restaurant – how cool is that?? I had a look and the food looks amazing – that is just so exciting. The pork looks great – but not the cooked brussel sprouts – I can’t do them cooked – raw yes, but not cooked.

    I am hungry now and should be writing ….. I have a thing going with myself – edit a couple of paragraphs and then I get to read another of your blog posts – I might be cheating and reading more than I should though ……

  13. Would this work with a leg roast of pork. Am going to try it in my wood fired pizza oven…..Any thoughts?????

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