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It Was Going To Be Karaage Chicken But Ended Up Being Fried Chicken With Big Red Rub

This was one of those meals that morphed a little mid prep. It didn’t do a Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde, or an angered Bruce Banner changing into that big green Gold Coast gym junkie, but it did indeed change it’s original guise, albeit ever so slightly.

This day I declared mid shift that I had a hankering for some fried chicken and when it came time to prepare the family meal for the evening, fried chicken would indeed be what I would concoct and in turn consume. I cut chicken thigh like the schoolyard taunts would cut the squeamish kid with pale skin, glasses and allergies… I pulled the potato flour from it’s home on “the flour shelf”… I got that chicken marinating in soy sauce and then I set about chopping some ginger and garlic to join it, and then I stopped. I reversed that old pick-up truck back to the fork in the road, crunched the gear box back into first and then headed down the other track, towards the old Wilson farm. Mr Wilson was in the back paddock with his collection of blue ribbon winning root vegetables when I pulled up. For an older gentleman he was surprisingly nimble… I wanted to look away but instead I looked further… it was a vision that will haunt me for ever, a sight that cannot be unseen… dear good lord.

This is where I stopped making karaage chicken and apparently my story stopped making sense.

I cracked an egg into the soy coated chicken to really give the flour something to stick to, I mixed some patented Big Red Rub in with the potato flour, dusted the hell out of the chicken pieces and then fried them up.

Real good, proper good.

The chicken was consumed with the finest crinkle cut potato chips from the freezer section of the local used-to-be-food-market, a what-we-had-in-the-fridge-salad, home made mayonnaise and hot sauce.

The kids were really, really happy with this and it was cheap and relatively easy to make (even for a person of your skill set…) so I guess you should just go and make it… do it for the kids.


I’m here to help ☺



To this...

To this…

To this...

To this…

To this... Yeah, really creative with the captions eh

To this… Yeah, really creative with the captions eh


1-1.2kg chicken thigh fillets, cut into nugget sized pieces
A splash of soy
2 eggs
1.5 cups potato flour (starch)
1/3 cup Big Red Rub, or another Southern/Cajun/Creole/KFC type spice mix of your liking
Oil for deep frying
Home made mayo, hot sauce, fridge salad and chips, or the late edition of burger stuff, to serve

• Get your self a tasty alcoholic beverage of your choosing and relax into this one, you seriously have plenty of time
• Make some mayonnaise, get some oven chips going and make a little salad
• Combine potato flour and spice mix in a bowl big enough to fit the chicken
• Heat oil in your deep fryer or in a pot over med-high heat on the stovetop. If you’re going to do the stovetop method for the love of god keep an eye on it… I don’t want you burning down your house or tent or cardboard box and adjoining dumpster or whatever the hell it is you live in… I couldn’t handle the disappointment of having that blamed on me
• Whisk eggs, soy and a splash of water together in another bowl big enough to fit the chicken
• Get the chicken into the eggwash and then one piece at a time coat it in the seasoned flour
• Once all the chicken is coated divide it into two batches. Fry each batch for 2-3 minutes until slightly browned, and then set aside to drain on a rack or absorbent paper
• Fry chicken for a second time until golden brown and fully cooked through – probs another 2-3 minutes. Drain on a rack or absorbent paper, season and serve with the chips that should be ready by now and the other stuff
• I made this fried chicken again before I had the chance to post this and put it in between the buns like a business man in a Thai brothel. This chicken is REALLY good in a burger. I don’t use caps lock very often so you gotta know I’m serious. Try it… you know you want to…

Cheeky fried chicken for the second time in a week

Cheeky fried chicken for the second time in a week

...and the burger that I made with it. Nom nom nom

…and the burger that I made with it. Nom nom nom

28 comments on “It Was Going To Be Karaage Chicken But Ended Up Being Fried Chicken With Big Red Rub

  1. cheergerm says:

    I am SO going to make this for the sproglets. Looks bloody tasty Food Food…lord, sometimes we see things that we just cannot unsee. Reminds me of the time I was 15, on a train and a gentlemen in very short shorts sat opposite me. I will leave it at that. 😱

    1. Damn… my eyes… they’re burning…
      Make it for the sproglets and eat it all your self 🙂
      Cheers Mrs Cheer

  2. Mr Fitz says:

    Loving that. 📯

  3. Man Fuel says:

    I love when a recipe sort of takes a turn and you end up just making something else. The chicken looks damned good too. I’ve never fried using potato flour before, but the breading on that chicken looks so good that I think I’ll need to try it!

    1. Yep. It’s a damn fine crust!

  4. Dana Fashina says:

    Good lord that burger is MAGNIFICENT!

    1. Cheers homie. Damn tasty business!

  5. with those lots of ppeper, i think it’s almost a cajun fried chicken steak thou,
    screw the name, it’s fucking delicious is all the matter!!!!

    1. Cajun fried chicken steak is good enough for me!! And yes, it was indeed fucking delicious 😁

  6. Fried chicken with the crisp, crunchy coating is one good thing…it’s also one good thing that I have never successfully made:)

    1. Well my friend, it is with in your grasp… But so is the wine… Just take the wine 😜

  7. OMG you’re hilarious as always. 😛 “Grab a beer you certainly have a lot of time”. LOL YES!

    But for real, I’ve been having crazy cravings for some spicy fried chicken. Have you been reading my mind???

    (Beautiful delicious lipsmacking amazing looking chicken, btw.)

    1. Um, soz about the reading your mind thing… That was a bit rude of me 😜
      Cheers my friend.

  8. I know I’m late…but I’m here! Any leftovers? because this looks incredibly crispy and finger licking good. I’d love it if I could turn out a fried chicken dinner like this. It’s all in the frying…right? Hot oil and double frying, (cap locks) REALLY good!

    1. Leftovers gone but I’m sure I’ll be making it again soon enough 😁
      It’s all in the frying indeed. Well that’s what I reckon!
      ‘Twas indeed a great dinner. Get on it my friend!

  9. Karaage, smaraage, looks like great chicken.

  10. chef mimi says:

    Whatever you call it, unpronounceable or not, it looks pretty fabulous!

  11. Matt says:

    “Bruce Banner changing into that big green Gold Coast gym junkie: <– HA! I'm in tears! Mainly because this chicken looks so darn fine!

  12. Hi,
    I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! I hope it inspires you to keep blogging and following my blog. I just want you to know that I appreciate reading your thoughts on food and life 🙂

    If you’d like to repost the Award, here’s the link to it:

  13. milkandbun says:

    That chicken looks so crunchy!

    1. Oh dear good lord it is 👌

  14. laurasmess says:

    I’m pretty sure Aaron would inhale this. INHALE IT. Particularly as I mostly feed him vegan chickpea salads these days (that boy is longsuffering, I tell you). That is one kick-ass crunchy-as-shit almost-karaage-red-rubbed-chicken burger. It’d almost win the burger-off. ALMOST.

    1. I’ve been honing that chicken recipe… southern spices and shit… tasty effing goodness the WOULD win the burger off 🙂

    1. Haha. It is worthy my friend 👍

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