Smoked cheeseburgers

These can be done in an offset smoker, kettle, drum smoker or whatever else you have hanging around on your verandah. I guess the key is this; you will need to be cooking away from a flame to get the smokiness in there. It’s just gotta be something that’s going to let you hang out around 250 F (125 C) for your cook.

Got it? Good. Let’s make some cheeseburgers.


(per burger. Meat x2 if you want a double)

150 g brisket mince, formed into a 1 cm (½ inch) pattie
1 slice burger cheese
1 bun that you like to put a burger in. I’m a fan of a milk bun but brioche or potato buns also work just fine.
A few lettuce leaves
2 slices tomato
4 pickle chips
Special sauce (recipe here)
Your favourite beef rub

Get your smoking sitting cosy at 250 F (125 C).
Season your beef patties with your favourite beef rub and get them into the smoker. They should take somewhere around 1 hr 15 mins to 1 hr 30 mins to cook, but if you are unsure when they are done you can use a thermometer to test that they are 160 – 165 F (70 – 75 C).
Once they patties are cooked you can go about getting the rest of your burger ready to go.
Place a slice of cheese on each pattie and leave that to melt a little.
Toast the inside of your buns on a flat grill or pan, or under a grill (broiler).
Once buns are toasted place on a plate or board.
Layer the bottom of bun with special sauce, then lettuce and then tomato. Follow that with a cheesy pattie or two, pickles and then another splash of special sauce.
Top your burger with the other half of the bun, hold it in your hands and bring it to your mouth.
Bite, chew properly, swallow and smile to yourself.

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