Burgers a la Jennee


I am clearly not the only person who can cook in this household. And I am certainly not the only person who can cook a burger.

Jen, my wife can cook. She is a damn fine cook actually. Until recently we had worked in kitchens together ever since we met (a lot depends on this number I am about to insert here)… Err… Eleven years ago. A regular little effing kitchen romance.

Yeah boy. The best of both worlds. Or not (let’s just say tempers can and will flair at any given moment in the heat of a kitchen), depending on who you talk to. But that’s a story for another time…

The point of this being nil but you still seam to be reading so I shall provide your eager eyes and ever-ready taste buds with a recipe.

When I say Jennee likes to cook, I guess I mean she likes to try and out-cook me. Which is fine because I have found the food gods and I am at one with my cooking ability. In short, I am one zen-assed mofo. It just means I get to eat good food on a more regular basis. Yeeha.

You defo get extra points if you can rock the homemade rolls.


What you need to make burgers a la Jennee…
Seasoned beef mince (150-200g per person)
Rolls (1 per person seams to be the go. Jen made hers just because she can, and it makes her look heaps OG)
Onion jam (yeah she made that too)
Sliced cheese
Grated fresh beetroot – nice touch
Grated carrot
Mayonnaise and tomato sauce
Oven roasted potato wedges to serve

Potato wedges
Potatoes, scrubbed and cut into wedges
Mixed dried herbs
Chilli flakes
Coat the potato wedges in oil
Sprinkle with all of the other stuff
Bake on a lined tray for 40-ish minutes at 200C

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