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Rueben-ish Sandwich

reuben sandwich
Today I will instruct you on how to make my version of the Reuben sandwich – a sandwich made famous by someone, but it is one of those culinary historical events that are damn near fucking impossible to pin down one actual origin for. Thus I shall be calling this a Reuben-ish sandwich, as I shall be basically making it with ingredients I have on hand and/or are readily available in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, and not even referring to any type of kitchen tested, pre-typed, recipe AKA. I shall be winging it.

Since making this sandwich I have well and truly fell in love with this Russian dressing business. Once again I have created my own version of said dressing, thus it shall be known as the Russian-esque dressing.

Oh yeah, and I put some really nice ham in there too, just because I really like the idea of ham in this sandwich/burger and not at all because that is what goes into a Reuben sandwich. This shit just keeps getting better and better!

I will be putting all of these almost-Reuben sandwich ingredients together using sorta-sense-making sentences.

So as you should be able to see by now, this is the usual miss-matched, slung together, fly by the seat of your pants, shit you have grown to expect from foodisthebestshitever. You’re welcome. For what I’m not sure, but you truly are very welcome ☺.

Pile it up exactly like a bossss

Pile it up exactly like a bossss

Get your pickles ready... I will give you the recipe for these in a post or two

Get your pickles ready… I will give you the recipe for these in a post or two

Nommy nommy goodness

Nommy nommy goodness


3-4 slices pastrami (or I am been led to believe that corned beef will also do a grand job here)
2-3 slices decent ham
1 slice Swiss cheese
½ cup sauerkraut
A good slather of Russian dressing (recipe below)
A burger bun or sliced bread
Some pickles and potato crisps to serve

• For toasted sandwich stylee; put everything together between two slices of quality bread (rye is traditional, but I’m pretty sure this whole thing is about giving traditional a “cheeky one” roughly from behind, so just use whatever bread you damn well feel like), get a little butter and oil in a pan over medium heat and then fry sandwich for 2 or so minutes each side until browned and toasty and warm. Once again, eat it in your face
• For the burger stylee; heat the meats through in a pan over medium flame. Once warmed pile meats on top of each other so they will fit in your bun and put cheese on top to melt a little. Put meat pile onto base of burger bun, put sauerkraut on top and then Russian dressing. Eat it in your face


1 cup mayonnaise
¼ cup tomato sauce (ketchup)
¼ cup diced onion (from roughly ½ small onion)
¼ cup chopped dill pickles
2 teaspoons yellow mustard
1 teaspoon each Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce

• Pulse all ingredients in a food processer until combined or chop the onion and pickles nice and fine and mix it all together in a bowl
• Left over dressing is relly good to dip chips (French fries) into, or pretty much just put it on everything…

Bye bye

Bye bye

16 comments on “Rueben-ish Sandwich

  1. Oh my…I suddenly just got really hungry. I love Russian-esque dressing! We make a variation of it quite often, but never put onions in it. I’ll do it next time. What a good looking sandwich Graz! Looking forward to that pickle post.

    1. Im getting hungry thinking about it again. I luuuurve that Russian-esque number. The onions make it I think! Cheers my friend 😁

  2. 9.12 am on a Sunday morning and I have this to say. I Want That Sandwich. Good work Food. I haven’t forgotten your Russian-esque dressing, I have been trying to avoid Mayo (just for a bit) but the resolve is wavering my friend. I am as wobbly as a blancmange in the face of such deliciousness.

    1. Blancmange. I’m impressed you got that in there Mrs Cheer. Very impressed indeed 😁

      1. Why thank you, a totally underused word in my opinion. 😁

  3. A exceedingly fucking good sandwich….love pastrami but haven’t had any since we left London….very handsome piece of gear:)

    1. Shit man. Thanks. Since I’ve found a local guy making kickass pastrami I’ve been making these things full time 😜

  4. Aw jesus dude.
    Why can’t we make one of these instead of sushi!?!
    This – I can do 😀

    1. Bahaha. Reuben sushi? Surely that’s feesible?? PS. I do believe the sushi was your idea D 😜😜😜

      1. I know and I’ve been regretting it all day while I was grocery shopping for it and a goddamn bamboo mat.

      2. Gertrude says:

        I think you could create a really good magazine that is actually inettesring. The majority of magazines that I have read and bought a few issues of have always been about: dieting, new ways to get a guy interested in you and they are just filled with adverts rather than reading material. Good Luck, I really hope you win this! And if you do, I know you will do a great job.

      3. Vilka underbara bilder! Älskar verkligen Josef Franks mönster. Har just nu ett par kuddar frÃ¥n Indiska i soffan, men är himla sugen pÃ¥ att byta till Frank. Det är dock inte helt gratis…

  5. Miss Dinie says:

    Good recipe once again! Forget new year roast,new year sandwich!!

    1. Bahaha. Sandwich for entree and roast for main??

      1. Miss Dinie says:

        Not sure.. Sandwich would have to be smaller!

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