Grilled pork belly tacos

Pork belly tacos.

This was smoky, grilly-meat-juicy deliciousness. I honestly feel that glowing coals are truly the way to make a piece of pig feel properly loved.

The pork belly was rubbed with sea salt and then cooked on the bottom level of the bullet smoker with no water pan at 350 F (180 C) for 3 hours. It was flipped and rotated every half hour so the crackle got a little love.

The pork was given the additional flavour boost of a chorizo sausage on the grill also, just because there’s not too many things in life that can’t be improved with a grilled chorizo sausage.

This was chopped up like a bag of Snoop Dogg’s finest sensimila and then scooped into the magical little edible plate that is the tortilla (I’m still thanking I-don’t-know-who for the invention of any kind of edible plate).

It was then pretty happy to receive a little cosmetic gratification in the way of some chopped onion, a little mango (because mango is a symbol of summer and summer is the time for Christmas in Australia and Christmas is all about the good times so mango is welcome at my house and can sleep with my sister anytime), charred jalapeno hot sauce and coriander.

This is the sort of thing that requires a bit of company and at least one beer to wash it down.

Get the eff on it.

Oh yeah, and happy Christmas and all that if I forget about all that stuff next week.

Grill that pork

Heat beads premium lump charcoal was my fuel of choice
Chop the pork belly and chorizo up together

Get that onto the table


(serves 4)

800 g pork belly – maybe 500 g for tacos and then the rest for breakfast tomorrow
1 – 2 chorizo sausage
¼ brown, white or red onion, diced
1 mango, diced
1 handful coriander
1 – 2 limes, cut into wedges
Charred jalapeno hot sauce or whatever it is hot sauce that you love
16 soft tacos / tortillas

The words that are written above are the recipe.
Go now.
Cook and eat.

Wash it down with your favourite brew

9 responses to “Grilled pork belly tacos”

  1. oh my god that looks good. I don’t think I ever would have thought to mix chorizo and pork belly together!!! Incredible. By the way, I am planning on making your Paris Butter and turn it into a blog post. I really want to share your blog, but I know nothing about you. I think you’re a guy who has a restaurant or cooks at one, but I don’t even know your name. oh, and you live somewhere in the vicinity of Australia. Any details you can offer up to me?!!! Unless you’re against the whole idea.

    • Yeah. Soz about the late reply, it’sbeen damn hectic in the restaurant over summer!
      Go for gold with what ever you want to do. Our restaurant is called the Stockpot Kitchen in Bangalow NSW. Check our facey page for details.
      Cheers heaps,
      Gray 🙂

  2. I live in Los Angeles and this is the kind of thing we eat for breakfast sometimes (really). I’m off to Mexico next week where I’m sure some version of this pork perfection will cross my palate and I promise to have that beer you suggested to go along with it (yes I’m still talking about breakfast). GREG

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