Bayger Burgers, Byron Bay

Bayger burger joint, Byron Bay

Yep. You see what they did there with the name? Very sneaky. Like little white trash kids sneaking into the big top circus when it rolls through town… Very sneaky indeed.

Bayger is another addition to the ever-growing family of new wave eateries modern society calls “the burger bar”. Local free-range meats, locally baked buns, gourmet salad and home made sauces. Effing awesome. I love this shit.

As soon as I looked at the menu though, I discovered a typo. I continued reading and discovered a few more typos. This annoys me on a menu. On a random assed food blog – that’s fine, but on a menu… People got spell check right? A big brother or sister? Something? (Just in case, I will recant my previous paragraph if I am informed that they are crazy hippies and intended to write “we serve our beef burgers with slightly pink center enchanting the flavour”. I didn’t notice the pink center enchanting the flavour while we were there, but that’s not to say it wasn’t going on…)

Buffalo wings came with no blue cheese sauce, which was kinda disappointing since we were gagging for buffalo wings with blue cheese sauce, and got them because the menu read “buffalo wings… with a side of blue cheese dipping sauce”. But our buffalo wings came with no blue cheese dipping sauce. Maybe should of told us at the start instead of shrugging it off with a “no we don’t have any of that”. But they were good fried chicken wings tossed in sweet chilli.

Onion rings were good. Could have had a slightly thicker batter though.

Burgers were great except they were missing the pickle they were cited as having on the menu. But they were great. Cooked medium, juicy, well-seasoned, squishy soft Turkish bun… Fantastic. Really good burgers just let down a little by small inconsistencies. But this is what I’m always talking about. In the hospitality game, no matter how big your restaurant, or how small your wiener penis willy hotdog stand, you need to have consistency. You need to give people the product you are telling them they will get. And do it well… and then, as Jesus said*, life shall be good for all.

It was, like, 34 bucks for two burgers, fries, onion rings, “buffalo wings”, and a house made juice which tasted like fresh lemon, rose water and sugar? Maybe like a middle eastern home made lemonade. Well and truly worth it if they could just iron out a couple of kinks.

*may not be an actual quote from Jesus.

Post #200 and Another Burger At Our Place

Post #200 and another burger at our place… how frickin unexpected that is.

I am truly loving a good burgy at the mo’. As is Jen, and so are the kids. There’s something about it… and I’m not just referring to the fact that you can have an actual good meal, nay, a great meal in between a bun held in one hand and eat the shit out of it. *Wow. I just realised I made a really disgusting euphemism by accident. Eating the shit out of meat between buns?? I do it without even trying…


Who was the genius who came up with the burger concept? (Well, maybe when the concept was first realised it had legendary potential. The surgeon generals of many western countries may disagree with the legendary status of this “burger” thing, but really that’s due to our deep seeded desire to consume shitty fast food rather that something homemade or even better tree-made AKA. Fruit, but that is a conversation for another time…) Wait, I’ve just remembered AKA. Just googled it… blah blah blah google it douche bag.

Actually I couldn’t be bothered even to google it so you know what? You get nothing but my shitty note to myself to remind me to google it. Dumb huh…

Anyway, the burger. The kids get to help out and we pile them full of all sorts of great shit. Yeah, heaps of stuff. It’s not effing pasta after all and you are not actually Italian are you? (Unless you are actually Italian, in which case I’m sorry). So don’t lets pretend that burgers should just be meat and cheese and a bun. That’s fucked up. Get some other shit on there… what’s that… you’ve never preformed fellatio or cunnilingus? OK, so maybe you do deserve to have the plain version… actually, just have the meat and a bun. Yeah I bet you like eating the meat between the buns don’t you. Yeah. You should film that shit and put it up on you-tube. Or, you could sell it at a shop that sells really weird shit. Like a pet shop near the nuclear plant or maybe… Oooh, too childish. Too crass. But I’m leavin’ it there you’d better believe…

200th post (that’s post… not post… like after) celebratory chicken burgers (for a small celebration with just your immediate family, eg. 4 people)

600-700g chicken breast, FREE-RANGE. Yes free-range. Are you dull or what?
2 decent sized chorizo sausages, sliced into 3-4 along the length
4 buns of some description (the ones made with actual flour taste the best until I learn otherwise)
4 slices of cheese, bit of a Spanish sorta theme going on here so manchego would be nice
1 lemon, zest and juice
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 Tbls smoked paprika
dried chilli flakes or chopped fresh chilli, as much as you can handle
olive oil
salt and pepper
leaves, sliced tomato, avocado, chilli capsicum chutney and mayonnaise to serve

Obi on the mis en place

• Mix the lemon, garlic, paprika, chilli, seasoning and enough olive oil to make it kinda saucy like a wet marinade should be
• Cut the chicken into escalopes or 1cm thick slices, marinate in lemon chilli mix for at least half an hour and up to three hours

• Grill your chicken and chorizo until cooked

• Layer all that stuff in a bun and voila, you have a burger


Seba demonstrates how to eat aforementioned burger