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Wooli part 6… the Wooli Oyster Po’ Bo’


Today I set about redeeming myself before the Oyster Gods for my lack of successful consumption of the exotic bivalve mollusc they had so generously laid before me yesterday… and this time I have come with a plan and a secret weapon.

We have decided we will be having oyster po’ bo’s… or as the boys like to call them; oysters burgers. That’s fine with me, as long as a receptacle of glutinous origins shall be transporting some fried oysters to my face, possibly aiding in the cause will be some coleslaw. But it is the oysters I am concerned about for now.

Enter the smoked chilli powder.

I shall be liberally dusting this smoked chilli powder, which I have made quite simply by chucking some long red chillis into the smoker for about 20 minutes and then grinding them into a powder, over my fried oysters as soon as they emerge from their exfoliating and rejuvenating 180C burning hot oil bath. Cunning, yes. Cunninglingus, no. Sometimes, as a parent, you need to pull a few little tricks out to ensure to get your share… or a share… or just some table scraps like a jester in the kings court. I’m just scared of the day they pass Chilli Appreciation 101…

Crumby photo. Bahaha

Crumby photo. Bahaha

The exfoliating and rejuvenating oil bath

The exfoliating and rejuvenating oil bath

Soooo good

Soooo good

I would do this again

I would do this again


Per sandwich
1 bun
6 oysters
Bread crumbs*, egg and flour for crumbing
1-2 slices prosciutto or speck
Fennel coleslaw (coleslaw just how you normally make it but with some slice fennel in there too)
Smoked chilli powder
Oil to shallow fry
Chips to serve
Flairy holiday shack plates to serve on

• Crumb oysters by first dredging in flour, then through beaten egg mix and then through the bread crumbs
• Heat oil in a pan over medium heat. Once oil is hot, fry oysters for 1 minute or so each side, until golden. Remove from pan and drain on kitchen paper or your mum’s best shirt
• While oysters are draining discard most of the oil from the pan and then fry prosciutto until crisp
• Put some coleslaw in your bun, followed by oysters, prosciutto and smoked chilli powder or hot sauce
• Serve with oven chips

OVEN CHIPS (sides for 4 or a full white trash meal for 1)

6 medium potatoes skin on, washed if they need a bath, cut into 1cm chips
• Blanch potatoes in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. This makes them better, trust me. Strain and allow to cool
• Put on an oven tray, splash with however much oil your fancy diet will allow and season generously
• Bake at 200C for 25 minutes, tossing regularly
• Serve with your po’ bo’

*if you want to make your own bread crumbs, which I generally do, and you don’t have a food processer handy, which I did not bring to the holiday shack, use a stale loaf (or frozen works well) and grate it to fulfill your dreams

16 comments on “Wooli part 6… the Wooli Oyster Po’ Bo’

  1. These look heavenly. So chili is the secret ingredient to keep food adults only?

    Grated bread is genius! I don’t have a food processor.

    1. Chilli is all I have so far. But there needs to be a lot because they can handle it in medium doses… damn them.Smiley face

  2. Those look terrific. And I agree with Bunny: grating the bread is suck a good idea!

    1. Thank you very much my friend. I’m here to help. Smiley face

  3. Mr Fitz says:

    dont do oysters.. well they dont do me! digging the grating of frozen bread though

    1. I recommend you stay away from the oyster my friend.

      The grating of frozen bread is getting a surprisingly good response. I better put that in the book! Smiley face

      1. Mr Fitz says:

        i think its best….if it crawls , pulses or slithers.. i tend not to eat it…

  4. cheergerm says:

    The Oyster Bible, Chapter1, Verse 16. ‘And the Oyster Gods looked down upon Mr Food and found that it was good. And from that day henceforth, a shed load of chilli was added to all things Oyster like and Oyster worshipping parents around the world rejoiced.’ This is the word of the Oyster.

    1. Bahaha. You are a farking legend. Amen

  5. Dana Fashina says:

    LOL @ “oil bath”
    As a coastal gal, I appreciate really fucking appreciate this post! And yes, do do it again.
    Your pictures are looking pretty fucking dope.

    1. Thanks for the kind words!! I’ve been trying. Smiley face

  6. audreyyoung7 says:

    YUM! I have to try this one day. I’ve never tried to cook oysters before.

    1. Well then yes. Yes you do have to try this, my friend. Smiley face

  7. chefdantes says:

    how the fuck did i miss this post… yum yum mofo

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